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Perfect to plant in shady corners, pulmonarias add a little light colour during the crossover between winter and spring. Known as lungworts due to the spotted and dappled leaves with their foliage lasting throughout the summer. While their flowers last, pulmonarias are excellent pollinators for any early bee arrivals. Helleborus and snowdrops provide the perfect spring companions, with geraniums in the summer complimenting their ornate leaves.


Native to the UK, pulmonarias thrive in our climate. They are semi-evergreen/evergreen and fully hardy. They grow best in humus rich soil and will need to be kept moist. The only real potential problem is the onset of mildew during summer. If this appears, cut away any infected leaves and ensure the plant is kept moist. Apart from that, these are really easy plants to look after and excellent as low ground cover. All they need is just a little tidy-up of their leaves before winter. Pulmonarias also have a tendency to self-seed.


Pulmonaria 'Lewis Palmer' ('Highdown') £4.00

(9cm pot coming soon)


Royal blue flowers that start pink form over long narrow leaves blotched green and silver. Flowers between March and April. Prefers partial shade and moist, fertile soil. Grows to a height of around 35cm with a spread of 45cm. Self seeds. Semi-evergreen and hardy. Bee pollinator.


Pulmonaria 'Opal' £4.00

(9cm pot coming soon)


Pink flowers turn to a very pale blue above silver spotted leaves. Flowers between March and May. This compact plant prefers partial shade in moist, fertile soil. Grows to a height of arounf 25cm with a spread of 40cm. 'Opal' is semi-evergreen and hardy. Bee pollinator.


Pulmonaria 'Blue Ensign' £3.00

(9cm pot available now)


Deep blue flowers over plain dark, green foliage. Leaves may burn off in dry summers. Flowers between February and June. Prefers partial shade and moist,

fertile soil. Grows to a height of around 35cm with a  spread of 45cm. 'Blue Ensign' is semi-evergreen and hardy. Bee pollinator.