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Primulas are one of the first flowering plants of the year and generally prefer woodland settings or being placed underneath shrubs at the front of borders (although some primulas do have more specific needs). They come in a range of colours and types. Some primulas may flower twice in one year if they are deadheaded.


Primulas are moisture lovers and as such should not be allowed to dry out. However the majority of primulas prefer well-drained soil except for some species which can tolerate more boggy conditions. They also need fertile conditions and generous amounts of organic matter should be dug in around them. Primulas are also more susceptible to vine weevils especially if planted in containers. Primulas  can be propagated straight after flowering.

Primula bullyana £3.75 

(9cm pot coming soon)


Candelabra primula with tiered orange flower heads between May and July. Prefers cool, moist, rich soil in partial shade. Grows to 45 cm tall with a spread of 25cm. Robust and easy hardy perennial. Will self-seed.  Hardy.  RHS AGM.

primula_elizabeth_killelay_suburban-garden sorry_no_image_at_the_moment_suburban-garden primula_rowallane_rose_suburban-garden primula_strong_beer_suburban-garden


Primula polyneura £3.50 

(9cm pot not available this year)


Pink flowers on tall, loose heads that flower between May and June. The leaves are thick with a soft, hairy surface. Likes cool shade preferably in a woodland situation. Species plant. Average height is 30cm with a spread of 20cm.

primula_wanda_suburban-garden primula_tie_dye_suburban-garden primula_vulgaris_lilacina_plena_suburban-garden

Primula vulgaris 'Lilacina Plena' £3.50 

(9cm pot not available this year)


The original Quaker's Bonnet with double lilac flowers. Dates to around 1835 and possibly earlier in Ireland. Flowers between April and June. Happy in both full sun and partial shade. Grows to about 30cm in both height and spread. Almost evergreen and hardy.

Primula veris 'Katy McSparron' £3.50 

(9cm pot available now)


Clusters of double yellow cowslip flowers that are fragrant. Flowers from March to June. Will grow happily in sun or partial shade in moist, rich, fertile soil. Grows to about 25cm tall with a spread of 40cm. Semi-evergreen and hardy.


Primula 'Wanda' £2.50

(9cm pot available now)


Old variety with reddish purple flowers and yellow centres. A hybrid cross between P. juliae and a crimson form of P. acaulis which won the RHS AGM in 1919. Can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Grows to a respective height and spread of 30cm. Spreads quickly. Hardy. Semi-evergreen foliage.

Primula 'Tie Dye' £2.75 

(9cm pot coming soon)


Blue with white splashed flowers. The blue colour darkens with age. Suitable for all soil conditions except dry and can be grown in full sun, partial shade or full shade. Flowers between October and May and is evergreen. Grows to about 15cm tall with a spread of 20cm and is hardy.

Primula 'Strong Beer' £2.75

(9cm pot coming soon)


Double, deep violet-purple flowers. Prefers moist soil in partial shade but can tolerate full sun but not in dry soil. Flowers between February and May and may flower again during the year. This evergreen, hardy primula grows to  around 18cm tall with a spread of 20cm.

Primula 'Rowallane Rose' £3.75

(9cm pot not available this year)


Glowing red candalabra primula from Ireland which produces multi-crowns of flowers. Prefers moist, cool conditions. Flowers between May and June. Grows to a height of 60cm

Primula 'Francisca' £3.50 

(9cm pot not available this year)


Really unusual colourings of green flowers with pale yellow eyes on frilly-edged petals. Flowers from March to July. Originally found growing on a traffic island in Canada. Likes cool shade preferably in a woodland situation. Average height is 15cm with a spread of 20cm. Hardy.


Primula 'Elizabeth Killelay' £3.50 

(9cm pot not available this year)


Deep maroon double primula edged in gold with a yellow eye. Flowers between May and June. Prefers partial shade with moist, rich soil. Found in the garden of Hazel Bolton and named after her youngest granddaughter. Grows to 20 cm tall with a spread of 20cm. Robust and easy hardy perennial.