April's plant of the month is the radiant Bergenia 'Overture'. More commonly known as 'Elephant's Ears' this is an extremely useful plant providing all year round groundcover and colour. It is the vibrant hue of pink and the all-round  of this plant that really captures my attention.

Quick facts

bergenia overture suburban-garden plant of the month

Bergenia 'Overture' has clumps of magenta pink flowers that open out from brilliant red calyx and tall stems above rubbery-textured leaves. These leaves emerge in young, mid-green tones that turn a beautiful red during winter.


Bergenias are happy in full sun or partial shade in well-drained soil however 'Overture' will tolerate shade and even dry shade. They require little maintenance apart from dividing them in spring when they become congested, which is usually every five years or so, as they are relatively slow-growing. 'Overture' is a fairly neat, compact variety however they could also still use a little tidy-up of unkempt leaves after flowering.


Bergenias are suitable for woodland gardens or at the front of borders. Bergenia 'Overture' works well when planted with geums, primulas, campanula, hellebores, phlox and grasses such as stipa and calamagrotis. This is a perfect plant for attracting those early spring pollinators into your garden.


Family: Saxifragaceae

Average height: 45cm

Average spread: 30cm

Flowers between: Mar - May

Soil type: fertile

Sun/shade: Full sun/partial shade/shade

Hardiness: Hardy


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