Verbena bonariensis is August's plant of the month with its flurry of purple flowerheads that dance in the late summer breeze. A perfect magnet for bees and butterflies this plant is also great for cut flowers.

Quick facts


Verbena bonariensis is an instant showstopper of a plant working well as an individual plant to add structure and height or planted en-masse. Unlike other willowy-stemmed plants it should not topple over. Best planted in among other plants such as oriental poppies, ornamental grasses, cosmos, crocosmia or slow-growing shrubs.


Grow in full sun, preferably in fertile, well-drained soil in a sheltered place. Regular cutting will encourage the production of more flowers. Can be prone to mildew so needs to planted in the ground rather than left in pots. In late autumn, before the first frosts come, mulch with dried crocosmia leaves or bark chippings as this plant is only half-hardy. Cut back in spring to avoid die-back.


Verbena bonariensis tends to self-seed relatively easily although this has never become an issue. compliment both bright planting schemes as well as the more restrained.


Family: Verbena

Average height: up to 1.5m

Average spread: up to 60cm

Flowers between: Jul - Sep

Soil type: fertile, well-drained

Sun/shade: sun

Hardiness: half-hardy


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