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Meconopsis generally thrive best in cool, moist conditions and this is most notable for those that grow tall with blue flowers otherwise known as "Himalayan blue poppies". Given the right conditions these plants should reappear year after year. Then there are types of Meconopsis that are monocarpic, in that they usually grow for several years, flower, set seed and then die.


Meconopsis cambrica on the other hand is a much easier plant to grow, especially in gardens where the other meconopsis fail to establish. This poppy has even managed to thrive in clay soil in my previous garden. It is also the only meconopsis to come from western Europe.

Meconopsis cambrica £2.50

(9cm pot not available this year)


Also known as 'Welsh poppy' this flower has yellow petals, often tinged with orange. Self seeds easily. Prefers partial shade in moist, well-drained soil but should do well in most conditions. Dies down during the summer and will return the next year. Grows to around 45cm tall with a spread of 30cm. Very easy.