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Leucanthemums or Shasta daisies as they are more commonly known are really easy to grow. They are also incredibly attractive to butterflies and other pollinators.


These daisies prefer full sun but will tolerate partial shade and grow in almost any soil type, although they do object to waterlogging. Leucanthemums tend to have a reputation for being vigourous and running through borders but they are also very useful in filling spaces and are long-flowering.


Perennial varieties are decidous and so leaves will reappear in the spring. Leucanthemum are generally clump-forming plants and so will need to be divided every few years either in early spring or late summer. Slugs are also attracted to leucanthemums and so will need some protection but only while new shoots emerge.

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Fiona Coghill' £3.50

(9cm pot coming soon)


Large flowered, fully double, white Shasta daisy. Flowers between July and August. Tolerates most soil types as long as well-drained. Grow in sun or part shade. Reaches a height of around 90cm with a spread of 60cm. Hardy. Decidous. May need staking. Good for cutting.


Leucanthemum x superbum 'Shapcott Ruffles' PVR £5.00

(2ltr pots available for collection only)


Large ragged narrow-petalled white flowers. Bred by Anita Allen in Devon. Flowers between July and November. Prefers full sun or partial shade in normal soil. Grows to a height of 65cm with a spread of 1m. Hardy. PVR –Propagation for resale prohibited.


Leucanthemum vulgare £1.50

(9cm pot available now)


Large narrow-petalled white flowers otherwsie known as ox-eye daisy. Native wildflower that flowers between  May and July. Easy in full sun or partial shade. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Grows to a height of 90cm with a spread of 60cm. Hardy.