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Inula have daisy-like heads and are really easy to grow. They prefer well-drained soil (avoid clay where possible) and will spread quickly. Propagate established clumps by division in spring or autumn.

Inula barbata £3.25

(9cm pot not available this year)


Takes to the ground really easily and has these gorgeous fine-petalled yellow daisies. Flowers in late summer and is a hardy perennial. Plant in partial shade, in fertile soil. Can become leggy so cut back in the spring to promote new growth. Grows to a height and spread of 30cm. Spreads.



Inula racemosa £4.50

(1.5ltr pot coming soon - collection only)


Late flowering perennial. Massive leaves and tall spikes of clear yellow daisies. Will last until October. Stem is robust and so should not need any staking. Is a hardy perennial and attracts butterfiles. Grows vigorously in clumps. Prefers full sun in fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Grows to a height of 2.4m and spread of 1.5m.


Inula royleana £4.00

(9cm pot not available this year)


Inula royleana is a species that is possibly named after the botanist John Forbes Royle (1798-1858). These bright orange sun-like flowers arrive in mass and last for a long time. Will grow in  full sun or partial shade in any soil. Grows to a height of 60cm and spread of 60cm. Hardy.