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Ferns are a really useful foliage plant bringing texture, stature and grace into a garden. They easily soften harsh boundaries and many provide interest all year round.


All ferns are easy to grow, low-maintenance plants that will grow amost anywhere. Generally ferns require free-draining soil that is not waterlogged. Dependant on soil type, ground should be prepared with some of the following: leaf mould; shredded bark; garden compost; well-rotted manure and grit. Avoid fresh manure as ferns can die-back if over-fertilised. These plants do not need a lot of food or liquid because they do not flower or seed.


Plant out during the growing season between April and October. Plant deeply but do not cover the crown and unlike shrubs, do not firm the soil after planting. Ensure they are well-watered until established. Spring is the best time to tidy dead fronds and divide if neccessary. Mulch occasionally.

Asplenium scolopendrium 'Angustatum' £4.00

(9cm pot coming soon)


Long crisped hart’s tongue fern. Evergreen.

Ideal for shade but not very dry shade. Drought tolerant. Ideal for woodland/shady borders. Native form. Height and spread 30cm. Hardy. AGM.




Polypodium 'Whitley Giant' £4.00

(9cm pot sold out )


Evergreen fern with bright green fonds. Easy in almost any condition including dry shade but prefers to be moist. Height and spread 40cm. Hardy.



Polypodium vulgare 'Trichomanoides'  £4.00 

(9cm pot sold out)


Evergreen fern with finely dissected green fronds. Drought-tolerant once established. Easy in any condition but perfers dappled shade. Well-drained soil with shelter from cold winds. Reaches a height of around 20cm with a spread of 30cm. Hardy.


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Polystichum setiferum 'Herrenhausen' £4.00

(9cm pot sold out)


(Divisilobum Group) Evergreen dissected fern. Shade although will tolerate dry shade. Mulch with rotted leaves or compost. Variety of native form. Grows to a height of 60cm and a spread of 75cm. Hardy.



Dryopteris wallichiana £4.00

(9cm pot sold out)


Young fronds are light-green with a dark midrib. Easy even in dry shade. Prefers partial shade. Dislikes alkaline soil type. Grows to a height of 75cm with a spread of 95cm. Himalayas. Semi-evergreen. Hardy.