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Digitalis are best grown in a shady spot sheltered from the wind, perfect for those areas of the garden that don not get much sun. More commonly known as foxgloves, these are fully hardy and will grow in almost any soil except the extremes of very wet or dry. They are extremely easy to grow, come in a range of colours and do not require staking. Digitalis are best grown in clumps as they are tall and imposing. These plants are incredibly attractive for bees and other pollinators.


Please note that all parts of the digitalis plant are poisionous and contact with the leaves and stems may irritate the skin. Wear gloves when handling digitalis.

Digitalis cillata £5.00

(1.5ltr pot available for collection only)


Cream flowers from brown buds with narrow green leaves. Flowers between June and August. Grow in sun or partial shade in any moist, well-drained soil. Height and spread 50cm. Hardy. Evergreen. Perennial. Caution: toxic




Digitalis 'Glory of Roundway' £4.25

(9cm pot available now)


Foxglove spikes of soft pink with apricot flowers. Long-flowering between June and August. Plant in sun or partial shade in any soil type. Grows to a height of 85cm with a spread of 40cm. Hardy. Perennial. Sterile. Caution: toxic