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Dierama form graceful, arching flower stems full of clusters of drooping, bell-shaped flowers that appear during the summer months. These plants are prefect for borders, gravel gardens or on banks above ponds and streams. Goes well with ornamental grasses.


Dierama need space to grow and prefer open, sunny, fertile sites that do not dry out or beome watterlogged in winter. Can be planted in containers but will need protection over winter. Divide in spring but only when necessary.

Dierama argyrium £4.50

(9cm pot coming soon)


Ivory white flowers from July to August. Occassionally produces pale mauve seedlings. Prefers full sun or partial shade with free-draining rich soil in a sheltered position. Grows to an eventual height of 100cm and spread of 30cm. Hardy.




Dierama drocomontanum  £4.50

(9cm pot coming soon)


Pale to deep pink flowers. Petals curve outwards. Compact variety. Prefers sun in soil that is moist in spring. Can tolerate partial shade. Grows to a height of 90cm with a spread of 45cm. Hardy.


Dierama 'Coral Bells' ('Coral Pink') £5.00

(9cm pot available now)


Wiry stems with bell-shaped pink flowers from July to August. Requires moist, fertile, well-drained soil, not waterlogged, in sun or partial shade. Grows to a height and spread of 60cm. Hardy.